Orvis 2023 Endorsed Wingshooting
Guide of the Year


For thirty-seven years, Orvis has given an annual award for excellence in sporting experiences through its Endorsed Lodges, Outfitters, and Guides Program (ELOG).  We are so proud to share that this year’s Wingshooting Guide of the Year is Premier Wingshooting’s very own Jon Hubble. This award is a confirmation of everything we’ve poured into the lives of countless clients who have joined us to experience the thrill and camaraderie of wing shooting on our ranch.

Winners are selected for a few reasons, but the most important one is customer feedback. As Orvis puts it,  “The reviews from the customers who have experienced these operations are the ultimate arbiters of success.” The network of Orvis Endorsed Partners is a highly curated selection of Lodges, Hunting Grounds, Outfitters, and Guides. 


To be on this list at all means that your values, goals, and character all align with what Orvis stands for: unforgettable experiences of the most beautiful places on earth, love for and stewardship of our natural resources, all adding up to “the finest sporting experience possible.”  We’ve had the chance to get to know some of the other guides on this list and we can say without a doubt, that it is an honor to be counted among them, let alone to be selected as the 2023 Wingshooting Guide of the Year. 

It is all thanks to you, our clients.

One of the most satisfying things about his award is that we were selected based on the feedback you left, not some scientific bureaucratic box-checking process.  

When you go through an experience that you know you’ll never forget, there is an essential last step in the process: telling the story. So, at Premier Wingshooting, after each hunt, we sit around and reflect together on the day asking intentional questions.  What did you see? What did you learn: about the landscape, about the birds, about the dogs, about shooting?  What feelings did you experience throughout the day? How did it fit your expectations?  What do you want to remember most?

The words you give to your experiences turn them into rich and enduring memories, so we ask these questions to help you crystalize the experience and lock it in your hearts and minds. Winning this award based mostly on the words you shared with Orvis about your experience means that, not only did you have a great experience with us, but it translated into concrete words that you felt compelled to take the time to share. This is a huge affirmation of the work we’ve put in over the years, thank you for being a part of it.

Pure Experience - Lifelong Memories

A good quail hunt always ends up with a few stories. To us, this captures the “spirit” of our ranch and the vision we have for everyone who comes.

Do you remember your first hunt? Your first bird? The images and feelings are seared into our minds: the smell of the grass, the explosion of birds out of the grass, the smell of burnt gunpowder, the dogs.  The right light, sound, or smell brings the memories flooding back. Bird hunting is such a rich and thrilling activity that it could be easy for a wingshooting guide to do the bare minimum of getting people near enough to birds to shoot them and clients could come away feeling like they had a good time. Some guides do. But for us, the experience of hunting can be so much more. 

For us, it starts with the land. Tromping through a paddock and flushing a few birds is one thing, but exploring hundreds of acres of rolling grasslands that feel untouched by time, crossing gullies and wood stands 45 minutes from Austin that echo the foothills of the Montana Rockies, or walking five minutes from the clubhouse and feeling like you’re five miles out, that’s where the Premier Wingshooting experiences and memories take flight. 

But it’s more than the place, it’s also the people. We foster a culture here that you are invited into, a culture of love for the land, respect and gentility between people, good humor and honesty that keep us safe in the field, a desire to learn and grow through every experience, an openness to questions, and a desire to reflect together on the good things we receive every day.  Going on a hunt with one of our guides should feel more like a walk with a new friend than anything else.

When we sit around a fire after the hunt with a cool glass in hand, reflecting on the day, and sharing our thoughts, we cultivate together the seeds of memories that will stay with us for years.  When you go home, the memories linger and thrive as you share your experiences with friends and family.  Many of you even take that step of sharing them on our Orvis Endorsed Guide Page. For this we thank you. 

We can't wait to see you again to make more memories together.