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Ladies' Upland 201

SOLD OUT- An upland learning event expands on the developed skills and knowledge from the Ladies Upland 101 events and takes it to the field

January 29, 2022

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Ladies Upland 201 allows the ladies who attended the Upland 101 events to take their newly developed skills to the field.   Ladies 201 will briefly revisit gun safety, dog safety, field etiquette, with a warm up of shooting clays before heading to the field for their first true upland hunt.  This is a fully guided hunt so bring your best hiking/hunting boots.  The range of walking will be between 3-5 miles.  Lunch will be provided after and ladies are encouraged to be apart of the harvest processing.    Attendees will have the opportunity to arrive the night before for a fireside evening with activities to be determined.  Attendees of this event must have attended our previous Ladies Upland 101.