Good Things to Know

We are hosting events with friends, partners and non-profits consistently throughout the hunting seasons. Expositions, Charity Hunts, Demonstrations, and Corporate gatherings are great ways to meet other enthusiasts, test new gear or take some time to sharpen your skills. If you have any questions, just contact us for more information.

What’s required to hunt

Valid Hunting License

You will need a valid Texas hunting license with an Upland Gamebird endorsement. If you are not a Texas resident, all you need is a non-resident Texas “Banded Bird” license with Upland Gamebird endorsement.

Signed Release Forms for all Hunters

Upon booking a hunt, you are required to submit the names and emails of each hunter who will be joining the hunt. Each hunter will be supplied a digital copy of our liability release form and is required to sign it before joining the hunt.


Guns & Ammo

Break open shotguns are required for all walking hunts including walk-up hunts and line drives. Beg, borrow or bring your own. We have a very small number of loaner shotguns that we are willing to share on a case-by-case basis. Please let us know in advance if you need a gun. Each hunter is required to bring their own ammunition. Bring more than you think you’ll need, it’s way easier to have it than to have to run to Lampasas and get it! Tower shoots allow automatics.

Gun Safety

We host a mix of very experienced shooters and complete novices. Because our heart is to make this a welcoming, unintimidating experience for every hunter, we will begin every single hunt with a basic gun-safety briefing, hunt briefing and recap our house rules. All guns must be carried “open” and/or “unchambered” until the guide tells you to load up. Walking on uneven ground is part of the deal here, and tripping and falling happens to the best of us.

Clothing & Gear

All hunters are asked to wear a minimum of 2 pieces of blaze orange. Most often people bring hats and vests. You will want to wear brush pants, gators, chaps and/or tall boots to keep the occasional agarita thorn, cactus needle or yucca leaf from making you jump. Wear supportive hiking shoes or boots, a blister is a lame reason to stop a hunt. Dress in layers as we have many days that start cold and warm up quickly. We will have lots of water on-hand for you. We find that shell bags are a great asset to the hunt, but if you don’t have one, that’s alright! We encourage everyone to bring adequate hearing protection as there is quite a lot of shooting. We also recommend bringing a chest of ice or a cooler to take your birds home!

Animals & Wildlife

We time our hunts through the year to limit our hunters’ exposure to rattlesnakes. However, on unseasonably warm days, they have been known to come out. Please keep an eye out for them and always watch where you step! Protective snake-proof boots and gaitors are good insurance. Other animals you may see on a hunt are cows, foxes, native birds, raccoons, a few coyotes and other critters. We do not shoot any of these, and we ask that you enjoy their natural beauty from a distance!

Our dogs are our friends and fellow-hunters, they work hard to make this fun and we ask that you treat them with the same caution and respect you would treat any of our human staff. Keep your muzzles well away from them and please don’t feel the need to discipline them should they get too excited. Our guides know how to keep the pack inline. Otherwise, feel free to pet and encourage them along the way!

Physical requirements

Our walk-up hunts are moderately physically strenuous. You should feel comfortable walking a few miles over uneven terrain to attempt one of these. For those in wheelchairs or who are less mobile, please let us know and we can accommodate a tower shoot so you are able to stay stationary.

Getting Here

Your GPS may lie to you on the quickest route to get here and may try to take you on a more scenic route. If you don’t want to take the backroads, we encourage everyone to get to one of the nearest city that intersects with a state highway (like San Saba) and then get here from there. If you have a question, please just call, we’re here to guide you before you even arrive!

New Shooters

We welcome inexperienced wingshooters! This is a wonderful environment to come learn for yourself or observe. If you have always wanted to hunt, but never had the chance, let us know and we would be happy to show you the ropes. If you just want to come for an exciting and beautiful walk, you are welcome to join a hunt an observer. We love a good “peanut gallery”!

Customizing a hunt

If we know in advance what you enjoy most about hunting, we can set it up to be exciting for you and your skill level. For our more advanced hunters, there may be a desire to do less walking and more shooting, others may want large coveys and more walking with complex shooting scenarios. Some of you may just want to cover the basics of hunting over dogs. Whatever your flavor, just shoot us an email at and let us know if you have a preference or expectation!