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DAY 2-BWR Private Event- Wings and Whiskey- Day 2

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Saturday, January 30 11:30am



Arrive at 11:30am SHARP on Saturday to start with a 12:30pm Flurry Clays Tournament. This will be followed by a walk-up hunt starting around 3pm. Then attendees will come back to Quail Camp for a grill out and a fireside Bourbon Tasting.  Be prepared with a good pair of hiking boots as the walking will cover some great elevation changes with amazing vistas. Day 2 guests will depart on Sunday morning.   

Required items- Texas Hunting License WITH the Upland endorsement, Blaze Orange Hat(minimum), Gun, Ammo, Bird Vest, and a bottle of good sauce to share at the tasting.  

Limited availability- To Insure attendance, book NOW